Client Testimonials

Gard Law Firm, LLC handles a variety of cases, including criminal defense, injury cases and family law, and have successfully litigated hundreds of cases in both state and federal courts. We are fortunate to claim that all of our work comes by “word of mouth” and, it is with great pride, that we present the following testimonials from our clients:

Jeff Gard is an absolute genius in the court room. He will not disappoint. Honesty and integrity go hand and with Mr Gard. He said what he meant and meant what he said. He never once made me feel like I was just another one of many clients. Always returned my calls /emails promptly. We won the case but had we lost I would still be writing this positive review. I never had any doubt from the first time we met that he was the right choice. If I ever needed an attorney again I would not hesitate for even a second to hire Mr Gard again. What a class act.

– Sean
My wife and I first became aware of Jeff when he won a precedent setting case in a famous fair housing case against her employer at the time. I knew then, that if we ever needed a lawyer, Jeff would be my choice. Since that time, we have had occasion to hire Jeff to protect our interests in a variety of matters, all with extremely favorable results. Over time, Jeff has become our family attorney. Having been in court with Jeff, we can tell you that it is very reassuring to have the best lawyer in the room sitting next to you. My wife once called Jeff “her knight in shining armor” and I wholeheartedly agree with her assessment.

– Norm and Leslie Pinkham
In a bizarre accident I was rear ended repeatedly (at high speed) by a schizophrenic woman. The back injuries caused me to be out of work for several months and saddled me with a lifetime of intermittent lower back pain. Because I am not a believer in lawsuits, I took no action until my insurance decided they had paid enough in medical bills. I wanted to work with a law firm who was ethical, realistic and above all, responsive to me. I interviewed several firms and, fortunately, a friend of a friend suggested I call Jeff Gard. Wow! What a difference! Jeff listened to me, came back with a reasonable approach and actually worked to get me about 3 times the amount I would have expected. Most of all, my experience was that they provided an outstanding level of service and integrity. I would recommend this firm to anyone and feel confident that they would receive the same consideration I did.

– Donna Borden
Mr. Jeff Gard is a humble attorney that I had the privilege to represent me. This man was one of many I interviewed to take my case and he was the only one truly looking for my best interests. I will and have recommended Gard Law Firm for friends and people I love, in their time of need. Anyone who is in that situation should feel confident that this team will deliver success and peace of mind. Thank you Jeff for being there in my life when I needed you.

– Ash N.
Jeff has one particularly astonishing talent. He takes my complex problems, presented by me in a confused manner, and fires them back at me summarized and strategized in a few clear sentences. Out of 30 people in prison court that day I was the only one to walk out free. “I want that f*cker working for me” (the guy sitting in front of me after Jeff finished his argument). Jeff has never failed to provide the very best representation in the most economical form. He is to the point, firm and compellingly persuasive.

– Neil D.
On several occasions I have availed myself of the services of Gard Law Firm in cases ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary. In one memorable instance, Jeff went out of his way to assist me in a manner that was above and beyond the call of duty. My experiences with his colleagues reveal them to be insightful and efficient; all have been beyond reproach in matters ethical. In short, I owe Jeff an enduring debt of gratitude. It pleases me to recommend him and his colleagues without reservation.

– Read S.
There are no words to adequately express my appreciation for your nearly miraculous legal guidance and court-related work on my DUI case. The relief I felt when learning of the court’s decision can only be described as the weight of the world being lifted off my shoulders. You did a tremendous job, Jeff, and I can’t thank you enough. I will spread the word regarding your exceptional competence and professionalism. Thank you for all you have done in simplifying and improving my life.

– Noah R.W. Saunders
I have put my trust in Gard Law Firm over the years to handle both personal and family legal needs. Jeff never fails to protect my interests – large or small. He is diligent to not allow capricious decisions to be made in the courtroom. I am proud to consider Mr. Gard our family’s lawyer.

– Fred Muniz
Jeff was already a friend when I got run over by a drunk driver while on my motorcycle. When he came to visit me in the ICU, it was as a friend concerned for me and my family and not as an attorney. Before he left, I asked him to represent me in what I knew, even in my pain-med induced fog, was going to be a long and complicated journey through the medical and legal labyrinths that lied ahead. I had never enlisted the services of an attorney before, but I am so glad Jeff agreed! Hardly a day went by without me needing his guidance on some medical billing or legal question. Jeff was able to explain things in simple terms that even I could understand. His calm, confident demeanor was comforting to both me and my wife. Just like clockwork, and exactly to his plan, we found out our case was to be settled, without a fight, at the policy limit! I’m sure Jeff’s meticulous and completely through claim left no doubt in the insurance companies mind that they had no choice but to do the right thing and belly-up to the bar with the full request! You mess with the bull; you get the horns! Thanks, Jeff. We couldn’t have done it without you!

– Jim Potter