Criminal Law & Criminal Defense

Gard Law Firm is dedicated to defending people charged with crimes. In our experience, many cases are exaggerated and the facts misstated. Sometimes the accusation is patently false. We have successfully defended people from all walks of life who stand accused of all levels of crimes, including marijuana and other drug cases, theft, DUI, DWAI, DUID, assault, domestic violence, harassment, etc. We have successfully tried numerous cases throughout the state and negotiated thousands of plea agreements, most of which helped the client avoid jail and get on with their life.

Some examples of our efforts to help people accused of crimes:

  • We convinced a district attorney’s office to drop false sexual assault cases against two separate clients. As you would expect, such a result is rare – particularly repeating the feat twice! Fortunately truth prevailed and both clients are able to resume their lives without the stigma of such heinous and false allegations;
  • negotiated a deferred sentence for a client charged with felony cultivation of marijuana;
  • acquitted several clients who were charged with driving under the influence of marijuana;
  • reduced DUI charge to careless driving;
  • acquitted a client at trial of criminal mischief;
  • reduced a driving under the influence of drugs case to careless driving;
  • obtained a deferred sentence to a domestic violence charge for a client accused of assaulting her boyfriend;
  • secured dismissal of a menacing with a deadly weapon case;
  • acquitted a client at trial of 3rd degree assault;
  • negotiated a deferred sentence in a multi-thousand dollar felony forgery case; and
  • secured dismissal of charges of DUI and third degree assault/domestic violence on the eve of jury trial.

What our clients say about us:

There are no words to adequately express my appreciation for your nearly miraculous legal guidance and court-related work on my DUI case. The relief I felt when learning of the court’s decision can only be described as the weight of the world being lifted off my shoulders. You did a tremendous job, Jeff, and I can’t thank you enough. I will spread the word regarding your exceptional competence and professionalism. Thank you for all you have done in simplifying and improving my life.

– Noah R.W. Saunders


Please Note

All of the cases, set forth above are for purposes of example, and are not and should not be construed as a guarantee or predictor of future result.