Civil Litigation & Personal Injury

Gard Law Firm has a reputation for being hard-nosed litigators and our tenacity earns us the respect of attorneys, judges and clients. Based on our reputation for meticulous preparation and well-honed trial skills, we are often hired by fellow attorneys to help where settlement has failed and the case must be taken to trial.

Some of notable examples of our work include:

  • We successfully concluded an 8 day jury trial for a woman who suffered traumatic brain injuries in two successive automobile collisions;
  • We obtained a $550,000 for a client who endured spinal and neck injuries in a serious fall;
  • We negotiated a $350,000 settlement for a client who suffered a brain injury caused by carbon monoxide exposure;
  • We obtained the insurance policy limits for a client hit by a drunk driver while commuting home on his motorcycle;
  • We negotiated a $225,000 settlement for a victim of discrimination;
  • We negotiated an $88,000 settlement for a client who sustained arm injuries when a negligent contractor drove into a light pole, causing it to crash through the client’s windshield;
  • We settled a case for $85,000 on behalf of a client who sustained neck and back injuries in a rear-end automobile collision.

What our clients say about us:

In a bizarre accident I was rear ended repeatedly (at high speed) by a schizophrenic woman. The back injuries caused me to be out of work for several months and saddled me with a lifetime of intermittent lower back pain. I wanted to work with a law firm who was ethical, realistic and above all, responsive to me. Fortunately, a friend of a friend suggested I call Jeff Gard. Wow! What a difference! Jeff listened to me, came back with a reasonable approach and actually worked to get me about 3 times the amount I would have expected. Most of all, my experience was that they provided an outstanding level of service and integrity. I would recommend this firm to anyone and feel confident that they would receive the same consideration I did.

– Donna Borden



Please Note

All of the cases, set forth above are for purposes of example, and are not and should not be construed as a guarantee or predictor of future result.