Corporate Law and Litigation

Gard Law Firm represents business people throughout the state of Colorado.We provide corporate advice, consultation, and business formation. We also provide a variety of contracts, leases, purchase agreements and most other corporate documents.

When a dispute arises, Gard Law Firm has the skill and experience necessary to resolve the issue. We have successfully litigated hundreds of cases in both state and federal courts. In each case, we make every effort to find a reasonable solution to any legal problem. However, when a reasonable solution cannot be found, we have the skills necessary to take the case to trial.

Some examples of our work:

  • We successfully tried a breach of contract case in which the defendants misrepresented the value of a business they sold to our clients;
  • We helped numerous businesses start new ventures, issue stock, negotiate complex leases and advise regarding all aspects of corporate law;
  • We litigated several dissolution of businesses where the partners accused each other of wrongdoing;
  • We helped a business sell a division of its business to a prospective buyer;
  • We created the articles of incorporation and operating agreement for a multi-million dollar real estate investment company;
  • We successfully defended our client against an $8 million dollar arbitration suit in which our client was wrongly accused of breach of contract;
  • We successfully sued a general contractor for breach of contract in a real estate development; and
  • We successfully negotiated a settlement of an unjust enrichment claim in a real estate investment case.

What our clients say about us:

On several occasions I have availed myself of the services of Gard Law Firm in cases ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary. In one memorable instance, Jeff went out of his way to assist me in a manner that was above and beyond the call of duty. My experiences with his colleagues reveal them to be insightful and efficient; all have been beyond reproach in matters ethical. In short, I owe Jeff an enduring debt of gratitude. It pleases me to recommend him and his colleagues without reservation.

– Read S.


Please Note

All of the cases, set forth above are for purposes of example, and are not and should not be construed as a guarantee or predictor of future result.